Códigos de error

Last update: 3 years ago by yered.rios
Código (errorCode)Identificador de tipo (message)Mensaje (hint)
1Unauthorized access!!!Unauthorized access!!!
2Missing configuration errorSome of the fields have null values, which is not correct.
3Bad authenticationThe given authorization information is not valid
4Missing configuration errorThe API Key parameter can not be empty nor zero
5Missing configuration errorThe Carrier parameter can not be empty
6Missing configuration errorThe Country code parameter can not be empty, it should be 2 characters long
7Missing configuration errorThe Message parameter can not be empty
8Missing configuration errorThe msisdn array can not be empty nor null
9Missing configuration errorThe Tag parameter cannot be empty
10Missing configuration errorInvalid date parameter, must be a future date or an empty field in which case the request is going to be attended immediately
11Missing configuration errorMalformed date parameter, the format should be dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss
12Missing configuration errorThe Dial parameter is invalid
13Validation errorVerify your request format
14Validation errorThe client was not found
15Validation errorThe client has not enough credit to complete the operation
16Validation errorThere are many accounts to the client
17Validation errorThe country abbreviation or the carrier does not exists
18Validation errorThe specified dial does not exists or is not assigned to the client
19Server errorConnection refused
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